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SKIN, LASER & SLIMMING CLINIC….where our multidisciplinary team will do our best to help you achieving your goals.

In Two Dimensions you can find treatments designed for both women and men, for face, body and most importantly …. your soul.

Imagine life free of unwanted hair.. Say goodbye to shaving and waxing….

Everything you need to know about laser hair reduction before booking or coming…

A very Effective Way to Treat Wrinkles and Excessive perspiration

It’s all about looking good and feeling great History Mesotherapy is a…

We are doctor led multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of Hull. Our staff are professional, courteous and will do their utmost to meet your individual needs. As our clinic is owned solely by doctors all medical treatments are carried out by an experienced practitioners who are committed to quality so that you can have piece of mind that you are in safe hands.

We offer state of the art consultation, assessment and treatment methods covering a wide range of skin and body conditions. Our medical experts will advise and consult on the most appropriate course of treatment for you.

Laser hair removal
Wrinkles relaxing injections
Non-surgical body sculpturing with 3D Lipo
Facial peels
Mesotherapy (liquid lift and treatment of cellulite and unwanted fat)
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment
Non-surgical nose reshaping
Lip Enhancements
Problematic skin treatments
Spider veins (telangiectasia) reduction
Benign skin lesions, verrucae, skin tags, pigmentation removal,
Massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, kinesio tapeing
Foot and nail care: excessive sweating, cracking, hyperkeratosis, medical pedicure
Dermal Fillers for correction of lines and restoration of facial fullness
Professional makeup, facials and beauty treatments
National Medical Weight Loss Programme

We all know that healthy, toned skin, free from niggling lines and imperfections, is key to looking our very best- whatever our age! 

Peels work by applying a chemical solution to the skin, which loosens and removes
the older, surface layers of the skin.

Its new 3 Dimensional approach to the problem ensures that nothing else offers such a complete and effective solution, offering your clients a true alternative to liposuction. 

Electrolysis can be used to remove skin growths, blemishes and unwanted hair. Results are often instantaneous and involve minimal downtime. 

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