There are different reasons people think of changing their look: wedding, new job, some ladies want to boost their confidence after divorce! We can share with you so many stories….but this one is one of the most touching ones….please read it. Dermal Filler, Botox and Mesotheray……my story

Why did I want to have this done??? Over the last two years I have been fighting breast cancer, having undergone radical surgery and then having to endure twenty one month’s of Chemo and Herceptin once every 3 weeks. Both of these treatments made me feel so Ill. I was constantly sick. Once my treatment had finished August 2008 I realised how much I had frowned with being so Ill and developed a deep furrow frown line which I didn’t have before.

Part of my journey for me is reclaiming some of me back. I wasn’t like this before Cancer and I was dam sure it wasn’t going to leave me with low self esteem.  There was something I could do about it, so the journey starts.

I had a very good and thorough consultation with Dr Anna Altayeb regarding medical history, medication etc. Dr Anna is very well qualified in Aesthetics medicine and above all she is a practicing doctor. This gave me confidence and made me feel so at ease.

So I had decided to have the dermal filler injected into my frown line.  My skin was numbed for the injections.  I can honestly say it didn’t hurt.  On a scale of 1 – 10, I would say a 2 and that wasn’t pain, you could just tell something was being done but no pain.  I didn’t have bruising or discomfort the day after, which I was informed that there was every possibility of that. The same day I also had the mesotheraphy, which is many tiny injections just under the surface of the skin replacing vital vitamins etc that are lost during the natural aging process and this really does lift the skin to give a feel good healthy glow.

Two weeks later I had a small amount of Botox just around the bridge of my nose, this will help the dermal filler last longer (6 – 12 months) because it prevents me from being able to frown!!!! Yippee! I have also noticed a gentle eyebrow lift, which gave me fresh, more “open” look

I love the result.  I feel more confident in my look.   I’d lost so much along my journey, but my self esteem has been lifted and just hope the world is ready for the new Tracey. Mine are obviously personal reasons for choosing to have this done.  My advice if you think it will help you feel good, go for it!!!  You only live once!!