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Mesotherapy is a medical technique devised in the 1950s by a Frenchman called Dr Michel Pistor. It was first used to treat such conditions as rheumatism, sports injuries, and for the improvement of blood circulation. Mesotherapy has now been used successfully by some practitioners for the treatment of cosmetic conditions, including skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth, localised fat reduction and as a treatment for cellulite and also treat chronic pain caused i.e by fibromyalgia, tendonitis or sport injury.

It is commonly practised in France, where more than 15,000 practitioners use Mesotherapy for the care of their patients and it is a procedure that is taught in French medical schools (NO wonder why some of the French women have such a beautiful skin). Mesotherapy is also practised in many other countries around the world, and is currently gaining widespread acceptance by cosmetic clinics in the UK and the USA. If you are considering mesotherapy, the following information will give you a basic understanding of the procedure. It can’t answer all your questions, since a lot depends on the individual patient and the practitioner.

Mesotherapy treatment information

Mesotherapy involves the injection of a specially prepared mixture of vitamins, hyaluronic acid (the natural moisturising factor in our body), amino acids, and FDA approved medications, placed just millimetres under the skin into the problematic area. Just a “drop” of solution is used at each injection site. The idea is that you can get these active substances to the site requiring treatment by directly injecting them there. This is instead of relying on a tablet or intravenous injection where higher concentrations of the drug are required in order to get adequate levels to the site requiring treatment.

Mesotherapy is both more precise and requires less solution to be injected. The actual preparation injected into the superficial dermis during Mesotherapy depends upon the problem being treated. In general, the substances used can include: a local anaesthetic, and products that may reduce inflammation and treat bad circulation, muscle relaxants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, to name but a few.

Mesotherapy as a skin rejuvenating treatment- liquid facelift

Mesotherapy in the treatment of ageing skin aims to replace minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are found in lower levels in skin as we age. Another newer procedure is to boost levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This is another important component of the skin that helps to maintain firmness and texture. Again, as the skin ages, levels of hyaluronic acid decrease, and it is claimed that injecting more hyaluronic acid into the dermal layers (just below the surface of the skin) helps to stimulate more collagen production, which, in turn, improves skin tone and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The procedures:

Mesotherapy involves multiple injections using a very fine needle, immediately beneath the surface of the skin. It will help to improve circulation, replace lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids, or boost levels of hyaluronic acid. The products can be delivered using manual techniques or by special device called meso-gun. Each treatment takes about ten to twenty minutes and is generally not painful. If you find it uncomfortable, a topical anaesthetic can be applied prior to treatment.

Repeat procedures:

Micro-injections are given every 2 weeks for two to three treatment courses. Some individuals may require a longer initial course of treatment. When the desired effects are achieved, you may require a maintenance program every 2 – 3 months or so.

Recovery time:

After the treatment you can return to normal activities.


As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of the sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesolift is used to treat and slow the process of ageing. This treatment results in improved tonicity and elasticity. Skin appears clear with notably improved complexion. Mesolift allows the true restructuring of the skin tissue since the formulation has been fully designed to favour the different biological reactions of the skin structure by using supplements: The vitamins provide an anti-deficiency function. The amino acids allow better protein construction. The minerals guarantee the ionic balance. The coenzymes activate the biochemical reactions. The nucleic acids stimulate synthesis (production) of the new skin cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Mesolift improves skin tone and texture. Many of our patients report that their skin feels tighter.

Most patients see results immediately after their first treatment.

No. We continue to age. If you like the results, you will most likely continue with a few sessions per year.

Mesolift is usually performed in an initial series of 2-4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. The effects of Mesolift treatment are cumulative. Your body will slowly develop collagen and elastin over time.

There is a very small chance of bruising which can easily be covered. Any potential bruising is minimized using our technique. You may return to your daily routine immediately.